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Mr. Joseph Long, C.E.O. of the Wounded Veterans Initiative sent out to the Foreign Affairs Staff list, attached on behalf of HR 210.


In support of HR 210, may I take this opportunity to contact you.

Wounded Veterans Initiative and myself, a Vietnam Veteran serving in country 1969-1970, strongly urge you to support H.R 210 please.


Over 50,000 allies lost their lives in Laos and Cambodia as well as the Montagnards of the Central Highlands of Vietnam,


The Lao, The Mường and Delta units who have never been recognised or supported after having given so much treasure of blood, sweat and tears.


I believe that it is a national disgrace for our country to have delayed so long in acknowledging their sacrifice, and that It is high time they got the recognition they so rightly deserve.


I sincerely hope that you agree with me and would ask you to:

Please support this bill.



Sincerely Yours,



Joseph Long


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